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Let's have a working page history (no more ForgiveAndForget by default)

There was a huge discussion with a lot of tension:
And also the comments:

But in the end, it is safer to have a history which is not broken.
Don't get it wrong, ForgiveAndForget is still a good thing, it's just not what
we should do *by default*.

If your wiki does benefit from ForgiveAndForget, then add this to your config:
$KeepDays = 14;

Although this change solves a couple of important problems, it does not address
new ones that arise because of no ForgiveAndForget. Namely it does not
resolve the problem of deleting stuff when you *really* have to do it. For
example, [[DMCA Extension]] (or similarly named extension with the same
purpose) should be developed. These problems existed for a long time, because
people were using “$KeepDays = 0” a lot. It is just that we started to accept
wikis with no ForgiveAndForget more thoroughly.

In other words, this commit is just part of the bigger change.

Why don't we set it to 5 years? Because then it will be a time bomb that will
be triggered unexpectedly. We should have a more predictable default value.
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AlexDaniel committed Sep 19, 2015
1 parent 6207434 commit fc8c0e66a7a0a872c4a69c16dc49c4bcea891810
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
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@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ package OddMuse;
our $RCName = 'RecentChanges'; # Name of changes page
our @RcDays = qw(1 3 7 30 90); # Days for links on RecentChanges
our $RcDefault = 30; # Default number of RecentChanges days
our $KeepDays = 14; # Days to keep old revisions
our $KeepDays = 0; # Days to keep old revisions
our $KeepMajor = 1; # 1 = keep at least one major rev when expiring pages
our $SummaryHours = 4; # Hours to offer the old subject when editing a page
our $SummaryDefaultLength = 150; # Length of default text for summary (0 to disable)

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