Facebook Home port for iOS.
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Build Status

Home for iOS

This project is no longer active and doesn't look good after iOS 7 came out. No new features will be added but some of the logic should still run if you're interested in knowing about them.


This is an attempt to replicate essential elements of the Facebook Home experience in iOS, as an app. The aim is to re-create features like Cover Feed with basic UIKit controls and the Facebook Graph API.

Development Notes:


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Vimeo Video

Vimeo Video


  • git clone / pull
  • cd Home-For-iOS/Home
  • (optional) pod install / pod update
  • open and build from Home.xcworkspace
  • For installation on devices, please create a facebook app that matches the app bundle id you are using. See https://github.com/kenshin03/Home-For-iOS/issues/5.

Working Features

  • Coverfeed. Supports posts of type photo (added_photos/mobile_status_update/shared_story) and status (picture/mobile_status_update/wall_post).
  • Double tap to like a post from Coverfeed.
  • View comments and add comments to a post.
  • Post to your own timeline.
  • Fake launcher that opens pre-installed apps like Facebook Camera, Twitter, Instagram, Mail via URL schemes.
  • SSO to Facebook using iOS 6's SocialFramework.
  • Read Facebook Notifications


  • Messaging
    • View Controller to list contacts to write message to
    • Message compose view with textfield and send button
    • Code to send message to graph ID via XMPP
    • Code to listen to XMPP notification and message compose view / animate in chathead.
  • UX
    • Coverfeed - Timer based auto-scroll to next view
    • Coverfeed - Auto-refresh of timeline contents after x minutes
  • Authentication
    • Auto-retry failed authentication after detecting a change in settings.


Feel free to fork and work on any features or fix any issues as you see fit. Or submit an issue with feature requests or bug reports.


MIT (https://github.com/kenshin03/Home-For-iOS/blob/master/LICENSE)