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experimental project for crawling articles from a user's twitter feed and re-arranging them in terms of readability attributes
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Camus is the server component for a flipboard like social reader I'm working on, called Cassius.

More details on

New in revision:

  • tweets and extracted articles now need to be stored in a running local instance of mongodb. Once I move and test these scripts on AWS, I'll make the settings configuable

Third party libraries:

  • Apache Commons - for network
    • commons-io-2.0.1.jar
    • commons-lang-2.6.jar
    • httpcomponents-client-4.1.1
  • GSON - for parsing and JSON
    • gson-1.7.1.jar
  • JSOUP - for parsing HTML
    • jsoup-1.5.2.jar
  • Log4J - logging
    • log4j-1.2.16.jar
  • scribe - for openauth to the various facebook and twitter APIs -
    • scribe-1.1.3.jar
  • Dom4J - xml parsing
    • dom4j
  • mongodb java driver - for storing documents and tweets
    • mongo-2.6.3.jar
  • lingpipe - required by ipeirotis related classes for analyzing readability of english text
    • lingpipe-4.1.0.jar
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