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a custom plugin for flume to use rabbit-mq as sink
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Flume RabbitMQ sink

A custom Flume sink that integrates flume and RabbitMQ.

How it works

The sink sends each Flume event received to a RabbitMQ queue. The queue name is determined by a parameter in the event's metadata map. The RabbitMQ's host, user and password are all configurable as well.


This project uses gradle as its build tool.


  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Run "gradle build" from the project's root dir.
  3. Copy rabbit-sink-{ver}.jar from build/libs directory to the flume master and node classpath dir.
  4. Add com.kenshoo.flume.rabbitmq.RabbitMqSink to flume-site.xml plugins section on the master node.
  5. (Re)start the master node and verify that RabbitSink is part of the plugins list.
  6. On the collector-sink's configuration, add rabbitsink('host','user','pass').


This code is released under the Apache Public License 2.0.

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