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A Gradle plugin for Liquibase
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Gradle liquibase plugin

This plugin integrates Gradle, Liquibase and the Liquibase Groovy DSL, it offers a complete life cycle management of database schemas from build to production.

It provides the following feature set:

  • Standard project structure (src/main/groovy for change logs and resources for csv data etc..).
  • A complete packaging solution that includes a bundled standalone liquibase plugin ready to be deployed.
  • Full access to most of liquibase CLI client functionality, gradle tasks print full description including expected parameter lists.
  • Hosts black list, limiting the plugin from working against certain hosts (defined in build time).
  • Easy configuration of multiple destination databases and the ability to define default values for tasks.

For more info and usage please follow the wiki.


Development was lead by Ronen Narkis and released by Kenshoo.


This code is released under the Apache Public License 2.0.

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