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Additional methods for Date including formatting and better parsing
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v3.5.0 Jun 2012

Date.prototype provides JavaScript Date instance methods for parsing, formatting, and calculating dates. It uses a concise and configurable algorithm for interpreting format codes.

Features include:

  • Parses almost any format with ability to register custom format parsing.
  • Supports formatting codes for sprintf, php, and SQL with the ability to register custom formating.
  • Adds and subtracts years, months, days, hours, minutes or seconds.
  • Calculates differences between dates in a given unit.
  • Methods are available on all Date Objects.


$D('2006-09-20').strftime('%m/%d/%Y'); // "09/20/2006"
$D('Sep 20 2006').add(3).strftime('%Y-%m-%d'); // "2006-09-23"
$D('09/20/2006').add(4, 'years').strftime('%Y-%m-%d'); // "2010-09-20"
$D('09/20/2006 20:15:00').add(4, 'hours').format('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'); // "2006-09-21 00:15:00"
$D('2006-09-20').format('m/d/Y'); // "09/20/2006"
$D('2006.09.28').diff('20 Sep, 2006', 'days'); // 8

See reference.html for demo and complete guide Unit Tests for demo and complete guide


v3.5 Jun 2012

  • Add Date#equals, Date#isBefore, Date#isAfter
  • Add Date#schedule, Date#unschedule, Date#getSchedule
  • Add Date.Timer class
  • Centralize Date parse patterns

v3.4 Apr 2012

  • Fix UTC Offset handling
  • Recognize Chicago dates that are missing a comma
  • Recognize Conversational dates that have leading weekday name
  • Recognize 24-hour time that contains "GMT" and/or timezone name (e.g. native JS toString() format)
  • Recognize date expressions with millisecond units (e.g. "in 250 milliseconds", "250 milliseconds ago")
  • Recognize + and - date expressions (e.g. "+2 hours", "-3 years")
  • Recognize ASP JSON format (e.g. "/Date(1296824894700)/", "/Date(1296824894700-0700)/")
  • Use strict mode

v3.3 Dec 2011

  • Fixed documentation of Date#setUTCOffsetString
  • Ability to parse ISO-8601 dates containing timezone
  • Ability to parse RFC 2822 dates

v3.2 Jul 2011

  • Add ability to easily add and remove parse patterns
  • Update inline documentation to work with JSDoc
  • Update 12-hour regex to allow leading 0s

v3.1 Feb 2011

  • Update month addition/subtraction behavior: When new month has fewer days than original, go to last day of month instead of wrapping to next month.
  • Remove use of named function expressions

v3.0 Oct 2010

  • Initial push to Github
  • Unit tests using QUnit
  • Add support for PHP format codes L, t and e

v2.0 Sep 2008

  • Initial public release
  • Add unit tests
  • Create reference.html

v1.0 Dec 2005

  • Initial private release

Full Github History

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