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Web to ebook project
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Webiblo - web to ebook project


Webiblo is a project to convert web sites to ebooks.

You can convert Getting Real web data to mobipcoket format like this.


JSON data format

JSON data format to convert web data to ebook is like this:

    "title"       : "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs",
    "authors"     : [
        "Harold Abelson",
        "Gerald Jay Sussman",
        "Julie Sussman"
    "cover_image"   : "",
    "content_xpath" : "//div[@class=\"content\"]", # Optional
    "exclude_xpath" : "//div[@class=\"navigation\"]", # Optional
    "chapters" : [
            "title" : "Foreword",
            "uri"   : ""
            "title" : "1  Building Abstractions with Procedures",
            "uri"  : "",
            "sections" : [
                "title" : "1.1  The Elements of Programming",
                "uri"   : ""
                "subsections" : [
                        "title" : "1.1.1  Expressions",
                        "uri"   : ""

These are the examples.

Try your own JSON data takes JSON data from STDIN, so you can run like this:

$ cat data.json |

Share your JSON data

JSON data are put on gh-pages branch and shared on GitHub Pages.

If you create a JSON data for webiblo, please send me pull requests.


  • Support formats other than mobipocket. (eg. EPUB3)
  • Search JSON catalog from CLI.
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