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This is the class which extended ofTrueTypeFont. The basic function is able to treat like ofTrueTypeFont.
It is Including the harfbuzz that is an OpenType text shaping engine. It enables to use various functions important in typography, such as ligature and kerning pairs.

  • Supported text direction and direction of line-break .
  • Supported mixed font. (like a font-family)
  • Supported text alignment.
  • Supported box-layout and word-wrap.

##Install It has been tested in openframeworks 0.8.0 but, vflip does not yet support.(vs12 and osx)
Please add the source and library files to your project.

  • In Windows
    It may be an earlier than 2.5 version of FreeType that included openframeworks. In that case, copy the files in vs_patch_freetype2.5 to openframeworks.

##Load Fonts bool loadFont(string filename, ... , bool useTexture=true,string scriptTagName="");

##Load mixed font
Use the following method to using a mixed font. bool loadSubFont(string filename,float sizeRate=1.0f, float baseLineRate=0.0f , int unicodeRangeStart=0x0000,int unicodeRangeEnd=0x0000 ,string scriptTagName="" );

  • sizeRate
    Specify at a rate to base font size.
  • baseLineRate
    Use to rectify a baseline position. Specify at a rate to base font size.
  • unicodeRangeStart,unicodeRangeEnd
    Specify the range of Unicode displayed with this font.
    ex on Arabic) face.loadSubFont("Traditional Arabic",1,-0.04,0x0600,0x06FF);
    When the Unicode range is omitted, The font read behind is displayed by priority.

##Set text direction Specify the text direction. This is not a text alignments.
This feature is available languages that are written from right, such as Arabic, or vertical writing of Japanese.
Specify the direction of a new line in subDirection. void setTextDirection(ul2_text_direction direction,ul2_text_direction subDirection = UL2_TEXT_DIRECTION_INVALID);

  • UL2_TEXT_DIRECTION_LTR ( Left to Right )
  • UL2_TEXT_DIRECTION_RTL ( Right to Left )
  • UL2_TEXT_DIRECTION_TTB ( Top to Bottom )
  • UL2_TEXT_DIRECTION_BTT ( Bottom to Top )

##Rendering text (with alignment) Can text rendering by calling same functions as ofTrueTypeFont. These are layouted by baseline.
In addition, box layout and the alignment is available. void drawString(string s, float x, float y,float width=0,float height=0,int textAlign=UL2_TEXT_ALIGN_INVALID); drawStringAsShapes,getStringAsPoints,getStringBoundingBox,getStringBoxes have a common layout functions.

  • width,height
    If specified, the text to overflow will be a new line by "ward-wrap" or "character-warp".
    (as specified void setWardWrap())
  • alignment
    In the area that specified in the height and width, alignment layout is enabled.
    Specify a combination of flag as UL2_TEXT_ALIGN_RIGHT|UL2_TEXT_ALIGN_V_BOTTOM such as bottom-right.
    Specify either performing alignment with based on baseline or strict pixels.
    (as specified void setAlignByPixel())


Typography with HarfBuzz.







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