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Hi kent,
I respect your knowledge on the JavaScript community (You're my hero ๐Ÿ˜‰), and I'd like to know in details your thoughts about TypeScript compared with ES6. Which one you prefer? Do you think that TypeScript is a good path for the JavaScript community? Why you are not using it at all?


vitkarpov commented Feb 9, 2017 edited

TypeScript compared with ES6

I'm sorry, why do you compare ES6 and TypeScript? It doesn't make sense to me, can you elaborate?


TypeScript includes the ES6. Yes, but my purpose is to distinguish TypeScript special type system from other features that already exist in ES6.

Maybe I'm not clear, but the question is: Does TypeScript type-system is better or not for JavaScript community and projects?

I see some great devs embrace the language with all they got, and some other greats like: Eric eliot sticking to ES6, and almost denying type-system advantages specially for js world

vitkarpov commented Feb 9, 2017 edited

God, I'm sorry but I'm confused.

From the one hand you have ES6, it's the next the current :) ECMAScript standart and has a lot of new features and language constructions. From the other hand you have TypeScript which is NOT part of language or any future standart as far as I know.

It's just an instrument which brings types into JS, the same goal could solve well-written jsdoc, but with TypeScript or Flow development experience is more convenient because of compile-time checks.

According to this logic ES6 and TypeScript are parallel stories, aren't they? Where am I wrong?


You're not wrong at all :)


Does TypeScript type-system is better or not for JavaScript community and projects

Sorry, now I get the question :)


Absolutely. :)


Hi @Attrash-Islam,

I answered this via my podcast: https://www.briefs.fm/3-minutes-with-kent/35

Thanks for the question!

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Will watch it. Thanks

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