Test React with react-testing-library
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Course material for testing React components using react-testing-library

I'm still working on the README. But here's the order these should be given in:

  • react-dom.js - Render a React component for testing
  • jest-dom.js - Use jest-dom for improved assertions
  • dom-testing-library.js - Use dom-testing-library to write more maintainable React tests
  • react-testing-library.js - Use react-testing-library to render and test React Components
  • localized.js - Testing localized content with react-testing-library
  • state.js - Test React Component state changes with react-testing-library
  • prop-updates.js - Test prop updates with react-testing-library
  • a11y.js - Test accessibility of rendered React Components with jest-axe
  • dependency-injection.js - Mock HTTP Requests with Dependency Injection in React Component Tests
  • http-jest-mock.js - Mock HTTP Requests with jest.mock in React Component Tests
  • mock-component.js - Mock react-transition-group in React Component Tests with jest.mock
  • error-boundaries.js - Test componentDidCatch handler error boundaries with react-testing-library
  • tdd-markup.js - Test drive the development of a React Form with react-testing-library
  • tdd-functionality.js - TDD the functionality of a React Form with react-testing-library
  • react-router-provider.js - Test react-router Provider history object in React Component Tests with createMemoryHistory
  • redux.js - Test a redux connected React Component
  • render-props.js - Test a render prop component using a Jest spy function
  • portals.js - Test React portals with react-testing-library’s within API
  • unmounting.js - Test Unmounting a React Component with react-testing-library