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Revision history for {{$dist->name}}
- new: runtime requires Package::Strictures
- Fixed ::Extension so that you can omit -with.
- Fixed order-of-operations in Data::Couplet::unset_key.
- Enhanced Checking of things.
0.02004314 2011-10-28T14:54:15Z
- changed: runtime requires Moose 0.84 -> 0.90
- dropped: runtime requires MooseX::Has::Sugar
- Added (private) accessors for everything moose can do on the ::Private
core. This is soley to discourage consumers from accesing the hash
internals directly to provide better encapsulation. Maybe one day
::Private will be entirely replaced with XS and you want it to remain
- Added a basic Type Library, Data::Couplet::Types
0.02004313 2011-10-28T14:24:40Z
- Maintenance release, no non-packaging changes in this release.
- Data::Dumper
- Test::use::ok
- ok
- packages now set $VERSION without 'our'
- packages now have $AUTHORITY
- Much needed regeneration of Build.PL
- Changes file migrated to CPAN::Changes format.
- Copyright License updated ( Date, Indentation, Address )
- No longer ships a Makefile.PL ( EUMM Sucks )
- perlcriticrc -> perlcritic.rc
- Moved to Git versioning
- moved to Author::KENTNL
- Repository metadata more featureful and uses https://
- license is now 'perl_5' not 'perl'
- dependencies now properly qualified.
- now ship x_authority.
- Pod overhaulled and rewoven.
- Ship .perltidyrc
- Tidy all code.
- added version reporting test.
- t/* moved to xt/*
- hand-written xt/* replaced by generated ones.
- xt:added release/cpan-changes
- xt:added release/distmeta
- xt:added release/eol
- xt:added release/kwalitee
- xt:added release/pod-coverage
- xt:added release/pod-syntax
0.02004312 2009-09-13T12:20:00Z
- Moved last_id to last_index ( was a bad name anyway )
- Added ->indices to the KeyCount plug.
- Added KeyPlug tests.
- This is a minor release to tweak -last_index prior to S::F release
0.02004302 2009-09-13T02:06:26Z
- Added a Ease-Of-Use subclassing utility.
- Moved D::C core to the subclassing utility.
- Added subclassing example.
0.02004222 2009-09-12T22:23:22Z
- Added a plugin infrastructure w/ Roles.
- Moved ->count to role composition ( you wont notice this )
- Increased input strictness with really basic MX::Types based input
validation. ( if you're going to be using _key or _at methods, use them
properly ! :) )
- Added ->last_id via Counter plug.
- Moved the non-working sorting routines to a plug. Maybe they'll see some
love there.
0.02004206 2009-09-12T06:01:08Z
- Support for multiple-value commands ( Thanks James Laver )
- Support for ->count() mechanism ( Thanks James Laver )
0.02003813 2009-09-08T13:10:54Z
- Clone Support works and tested.
- Clones are MX::Cloned, and deep.
- minor++ # version scheme incompatible
- dist.ini now shipping with dist
- DZIL CompileTests
- Versioning Scheme switched to AutoVersion::Relative
- Added MooseX::Clone support
- Added MooseX::Types Deps
- Added MooseX::Has::Sugar Deps
- Added more author tests
- Assload of Typos Fixed
0.0101 2009-08-22T10:09:57Z
- Fixed some build deps
0.0100 2009-08-21T16:24:40Z
- First version.
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