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Revision history for Test-EOL
0.9 2010-06-16
- Fix warnings on very old perls (
(Closes: RT#58442)
0.8 2010-06-11
- Use binmode :raw for input/output. Solves win32 translating the
\r\n character into \n's silently during input (Kent Fredric).
- Add an ( currently undocumeted ) all_reasons option to show
every line that is broken (Kent Fredric).
- Add visualising of invisible characters that match the regex
(Kent Fredric).
0.7 2010-03-03
- Deal correctly with -I includes paths that include spaces in the
tests to stop them unexpectedly failing.
- Remove shelling out to the system rm command in the tests
to avoid nasty warnings on Win32.
- Remove warning from test diagnostics
0.6 2010-01-19
- I'm so bad at this! Fix another logic error that made all files fail
when using trailing_whitespace option (fREW)
0.5 2010-01-19
- Fix logic fail that made all filenames the same if a user uses the
trailing_whitespace option (fREW)
0.4 2010-01-19
- Add checks for trailing whitespace (fREW)
0.3 2009-07-18
- Fix File::Find regex which I had broken.
0.2 2009-07-17
- Pod corrections pointed out by daxim in #moose
0.1 2009-07-15
- Module created and released on an unsuspecting world.
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