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Revision history for {{$dist->name}}
- Minor refactors to make Critic happy about the complexity.
- Move to @Author::KENTNL
- Tighten Critic.
- Rework Changes for CPAN::Changes.
- added CPAN::Changes
- removed Portabilty
1.12044908 2010-11-07T20:08:27Z
- Stronger deps on MetaNoIndex
- Moved t/ to corpus
- Note: upstream deps moved meta_no_index to default to ON.
- Minor bumped to match MetaProvides.
- Contents is stashed in a File::Temp before handing it to
Module::Extract::* for portability reasons ( I can't guarantee a passed
file exists on disk, and ME needs them on disk to work )
- Added some tests that mean something.
1.11044404 2010-11-02T16:58:53Z
- Update dist info.
- Integrated the new meta_noindex / _apply_meta_noindex behaviour added to
the role.
1.11034304 2010-07-25T16:18:01Z
- Improved documentation so people don't need to do so much link checking.
( This is pretty much an acknowledgement that this side package, which
was largely just a side-effect of the one designated for MX::D, has
attained so much unexpected use that it warrants being the primary
reason to install this plugin =) )
- Cleaned further deps on 'aliased'.
1.11034201 2010-07-24T13:38:32Z
- History forks here from Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaProvides
1.10034117 2010-07-24T05:37:49Z
- Dropped xt/author/kwalitee.t to avoid the needless dep. ( Kwalitee Test
plugin doesn't have this issue )
1.10027802 2010-05-22T13:08:02Z
- Replaced most of dist.ini with @KENTNL ( Yeilding more accurate t/
depends )
- Removed =inc::Dist style loopback in favour of the more reliable and
more generic =inc::lib
1.10027518 2010-05-20T05:33:10Z
- Upgraded tests to Dist::Zilla 2.x. ( should resolve rt #56482 ) ( Thanks
to DAXIM/Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ 迪拉斯 for reporting )
- Upgraded dist.ini to Dist::Zilla 2.x
1.10001919 2009-09-12T06:17:57Z
- Dropped the version dep on FindBin because it causes problems for some.
Apparently deping on something that may or may not be in core which may
or may not be in core later is a bad thing.
- Added CompileTests
- Add dist.ini to release for diagnostic reasons.
1.10000417 2009-08-28T04:52:32Z
- Moved the tests around.
- More tests.
- All versions now maxing out to encourage upgrading.
- Moved to relative dating scheme
- Tighter DogFeed Loopback in buildsystem.
- Critic'd.
- Documentation Upped on the plugs.
1.0920022 2009-07-19T22:52:48Z
- Moved Documentation to a .pm file to satisfy Module::Build
1.0920015 2009-07-19T15:31:07Z
- Now eating own dog food.
- Scan *.pm|*.pod so that .pod files index properly
- Only scan lib/
- Fixed Bug with META's having ; in them.
1.0920012 2009-07-19T12:24:43Z
- First version.
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