"Hacker-CMS" Sandstorm App mashing up Jekyll, Ace Editor, and jsTree
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Hacker CMS

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This is a Sandstorm app originally created in one day. It is primarily a mash-up of three things:

  • Jekyll, a tool for generating static sites from Markdown.
  • Ace, a Javascript-based text editor.
  • jsTree, a Javascript-based tree view widget.

Combining these three items, the app provides a browser-based CMS. You can edit your site's input files, see a live preview, and "publish" the site e.g. to your domain name.

Screen shot.

This app is available on the Sandstorm App List.


This app is not currently "collaborative". If multiple people try to access the same app instance at the same time, they are very likely to overwrite each other's changes. This is a limitation of the app, not of Sandstorm.