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techman robot driver for ROS
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A driver provides ROS support for techman robots. TM5_700 is available for ROS Indigo.

This project is in development. Currently, only TM5_700 is available, there will be TM5_900 and TM10_1300 in the future. Note that we will use "tm700" to represent TM5_700 in this package.


  • Action interface on /joint_trajectory_action for integration with MoveIt
  • Publishes robot joint state on /joint_states
  • Publishes TCP position on /tool_position
  • Publishes TCP velocity on /tool_velocity
  • Publishes TCP force on /wrench
  • Service call to set outputs on /tm_driver/set_io


First set up a catkin workspace (see this tutorials).
Then clone the repository into the src/ folder. It should look like /path/to/your/catkin_workspace/src/techman_robot.
Make sure to source the correct setup file according to your workspace hierarchy, then use catkin_make to compile.
Note that this package depends on hardware_interface, and controller_manager.

Usage with Moveit

test in simulation:

To bring up moveit environment in simulation mode, run:
roslaunch tm700_moveit_config tm700_moveit_planning_execution.launch

run with real robot:

set up networking:

  1. Click on the network settings (double-arrow in the title bar) and select Edit Connections
  2. Locate the new connection (mine was Wired Connection 1) and select Edit. Under the IPv4 tab, set:
    • address = (or similar)
    • netmask =
  3. Connect an ethernet cable and try to ping your connected robot:
    • ping

To bring up moveit environment and connect to real robot, run:
roslaunch tm700_moveit_config tm700_moveit_planning_execution.launch sim:=False robot_ip:=

Usage with Gazebo

To bring up the simulated robot in Gazebo, run:
roslaunch tm_gazebo tm700.launch

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