Node.js app to check the current status of US airports and their associated weather conditions
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Node.js app to get the airport status for any major U.S. airport, including known delays and weather data from NOAA..

The JSON data comes from and the NOAA's National Weather Service via the FAA's API (instructions for the API


npm install pilotweather


From a command prompt, run the app using

pilotweather + the three character code (IATA) of the airport of which you want to check the weather.


To check the status of Portland International Airport in Portland, Oregon (PDX) you would use:

pilotweather pdx

###Example of Returned Data

As of 6:53 PM Local, Portland International (PDX) is not currently delayed.
There are Fair conditions and 10 miles of visibility.
The temperature is 73.0 F (22.8 C) with wind from the North at 12.7mph.