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A Responsive Swipeable Carousel
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** Roundabout will not be maintained any longer. Please use slick now **

A Responsive Swipeable Carousel

Author: Ken Wheeler

Date: 06/18/13

Version: 1.0b




autoplay: true | false - (default: false)- Enables auto play of slides

autoplaySpeed: int - (default: 3000) - Auto play change interval

dots: true | false - (default: false) - Current slide indicator dots

arrows: true | false - (default: true) - Next/Prev arrows

infinite: true | false - (default: true) - Infinite looping

speed: int - (default: 300) - Transition speed

swipe: true | false - (default: true) - Enables touch swipe

list: string - (default: ul:first) - A string containing a selector expression

slide: string - (default: 'li') - A string containing a selector expression


$(element).carousel({dots: true, speed: 500});


Copyright (c) 2012 Ken Wheeler

Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.

Free as in Bacon.

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