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A library for creating mql4 table (MT4 Build 600 or above)
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A library for creating mql4 table


  1. Put the file in the MQL4\Inclue folder

  2. In your indicator/expert/script type #include <Table.mqh>

  3. Declare your table by: Table *myTable = new Table(ChartID(), Subwindows, "tableName");

  4. Initialize your table by calling: myTable.Create(); //use the default values; or myTable.Create(int x=0, int y=0, int w=0, int h=0, int xOffset=3, int yOffset=3, int cellWidth=0, int cellHeight=0, int cellSpace=2, int fontSize=8, string fontName="Terminal") //to set each value as you wishes

  5. Create a 2-Dimensional string array to story your data: string cells[rows][cols] //as MQL4 don't not support 2-D dynamic array, therefore, currently only support static 2-D array.

  6. To show your table: myTable.Show(cells);


  1. Auto cell-size

  2. Auto table-size (as default window size)

  3. Alternativate Color scheme: (under-testing)

Public method description

	void	Table(long id, int subwin, string name);  	//default constructor  
	//id:     the id of the chart, ChartID(), which the table will show
	//subwin: the indicator window which the table will show, should >=0
	//name:   unique name of the table, you can show more than one table in the chart by using different names
	//default initializer
	void 		Create( int x=0, int y=0,   //table top-left coner co-ordinates with default values of (0,0)
	                int w=0, int h=0,           //table width & height; default value 0 means use whole subwin size
	                int xOffset=3, int yOffset=3,       //the cell's x-y offset related to the table top-left coner
	                int cellWidth=0, int cellHeight=0,  //width & height of the cells default value 0 means auto size
	                int cellSpace=2,                    //cellspace between each cell;
	                int fontSize=8,                     //fontsize of the text
	                string fontName="Terminal");        //font used in the table
	void 		SetFontColors(color fontColor, color altFontColor);
	void 		SetBgColors(color bgColor, color cellBgColor);
	void 		SetAltFontColorMode(ENUM_ALT_COLOR_MODE altMode){//not yet implement}
	bool 		Show(string &cells[][]);                    //Render the table
	void		~Table();                                   //Delete table and remove all objects created by the table.
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