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Debian image with YunoHost for olinuxino boards (scripts)
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How to Build

This README describes how we currently build the Internet Cube images. We probably could find a better way, with virtualization and co - but currently, this is how it is done.

Images to Produce

For now, we support only 2 boards: Olimex LIME and Olimex LIME2. We produce 2 images for each board: for encrypted installations and for non-encrypted ones.

Example of image filenames (e.g. with build on December 1st, 2017 for Debian Jessie):

  • LIME non-encrypted: labriqueinternet_A20LIME_2017-12-01_jessie.img.tar.xz
  • LIME encrypted: labriqueinternet_A20LIME_encryptedfs_2017-12-01_jessie.img.tar.xz
  • LIME2 non-encrypted: labriqueinternet_A20LIME2_2017-12-01_jessie.img.tar.xz
  • LIME2 encrypted: labriqueinternet_A20LIME2_encryptedfs_2017-12-01_jessie.img.tar.xz

Respecting the format of the filenames is important to ensure the compatibility with

For generating (optional) GPG signatures, please ask on the La Brique Internet's mailing list.

Preparing a Dedicated Cube for Building

Choose a dedicated Internet Cube (or just a SD card), and use it to build the four images in the same time. Using a LIME or LIME2 does not matter.

Prepare your building Cube:

apt-get install git -y --force-yes
git clone /opt/
cd /opt/ && bash

Images Building

On your building Cube, just do (you should execute this line in a screen/tmux):

cd /opt/ && bash

After something like 1 hour, the four images produced are available in /srv/olinux/.

FYOI the stable version of YunoHost is installed by default, but you can use another version (e.g. testing):

cd /opt/ && bash -d testing

Using Custom u-boot

During the images creation, this DEB package is download and installed:

This is the official Debian version of u-boot-sunxi, but with some patches specific to LIME/LIME2. If you want to build your own version, or update this one, you just have to execute this script on your building Cube.

Then, just edit build/ on your building Cube, in order to use your own version of the DEB package, rather than the online one. Finally, rebuild the images.

Installing the New Images

Now you can follow tutorials to install a new Internet Cube.

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