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19 Days in Japan

A free WordPress theme that makes any travel blog instantly shine. Each day is a new experience with full screen hero images, big and clear typography, and a minimalist approach that highlights your content, whether it's writing or photography.

This theme was initially created for and is distributed as is.

The code has been cleaned up a little, though we were running against the clock at the time, so it might need some additional cleaning/tweaking. Feel free to open any issues with suggestions or problems you may been having — I'll fix them whenever I've got some free time.



This documentation will guide you through all the steps needed to configure the theme fully.

Create Theme Pages

The theme includes two page templates to maximize your visitors' experience: Map and Archive.

  • Login to your WordPress administration area.
  • Create new page for Map by going into Pages > Add New.
  • Select Map page template in Page Attributes on the sidebar.
  • Repeat for Archive and select the respective page template.


The theme includes two menu zones: Top menu in the fixed header and Footer menu at the bottom of the page.

  • Login to your WordPress administration area.
  • Customize your menus by going into Appearance > Menus.
  • Create a new menu and assign it to either area.


The theme includes one Widget area that you can use for an “About” section.

  • Login to your WordPress administration area.
  • See the available widget by going into Appearance > Widgets.
  • Add a Text widget to your Footer - About section.
  • Fill it in with your own content and hit Save.

Google Maps API

This theme uses Google Maps to pin-point the location of your post and show it to your visitors at the end of each post.


19 Days in Japan WordPress Theme



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