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/!\ Keosu is no longer maintained


Keosu is an open source CMS for mobile app.


  • PHP (Min 5.4)
  • Apache (Min 2.2)
  • Mysql

There is a lot of documentation on the web that explains how to do it.

You can donwload Wamp, Mamp or Xamp to do it easilly. Check that date.timezone is set in your php.ini file. For example:

date.timezone = "Europe/Paris"

Tips you can use php -info command to locate your php.ini


With packaged version (easy way)

Go to release page (here) and download the last ralease zip file.
Unzip it in your apache webdir
Move to your web/install/check.php with your navigator (ie http://localhost/keosu/web/install/check.php)

Note : Don't create your database manually before executing the script

From sources (nerd only) Run control table as administrator

Clone project in your apache webspace Download composer.phar

    curl -s | php

or for windows users

    php -r "eval('?>'.file_get_contents(''));"


    php composer.phar update
    php app/console assetic:dump

Test it

Move to your web/app.php with your navigator (ie http://localhost/keosu/web/app.php)
Login : admin
Password: YouChooseIt


A packaged version without command line is comming soon