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This plugin accompanies Minimal Theme, allowing you to customize the theme from the Obsidian Settings panel. This plugin is not required to use Minimal Theme, but highly recommended.

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  • Requires Minimal Theme
  • Works with Hider Plugin to simplify the Obsidian UI by removing the menu ribbon, tooltips, title bar, scrollbars, etc. This functionality was previously included in Minimal Theme but has now been separated out.


Color scheme

Switch between preset color schemes or create your own using Style Settings plugin.

  • Atom
  • Ayu
  • Catppuccin
  • Dracula
  • E-ink (beta)
  • Everforest
  • Flexoki
  • Gruvbox
  • macOS
  • Nord
  • Rosé Pine
  • Solarized
  • Sky
  • Things

Background styles

Several alternate light/dark mode background are availably. These options can be toggled via hotkeys

  • Default uses a slighty darker background for the sidebar
  • Low contrast uses the same background for sidebar and main panel
  • High contrast (light mode only) uses dark sidebar and light main panel
  • True black (dark mode only) uses pure black sidebar and main panel


  • Fonts, font sizes, and line width settings
  • Underline links
  • Focus mode
  • Custom icons
  • Image grids
  • Width settings for tables, images and iframes


Hotkeys can be customized to perform the following actions:

  • Toggle light/dark mode
  • Cycle between light mode styles
  • Cycle between dark mode styles
  • Switch between color schemes
  • Increase/decrease font size
  • Toggle image grids
  • Toggle sidebar borders
  • Cycle image width options
  • Cycle table width options
  • Cycle iframe width options