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Rails like migration in PHP
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Rails like migration in PHP

Can create empty migration SQL script and run this script on specific database if the script never run on it. Migration sql file name must contains timestamp and a description like 20150118140555_DatabaseStructure.sql The script creates a database table called migrations and store already processed migration file timestamp into this tabel. On the next run it will not run already processed scripts based on migrations table.

If only one file specified instead of a folder migration will only work on that script and timestamp check will not run.

Create migration file example

php migrate.php -c MyFirstMigration ./migrations/

Run pending migrations

php migrate.php -m -d my_database -u username -p secret ./migrations/

Run one migration

php migrate.php -m -d my_database -u username -p secret ./migrations/20150118140555_MyFirstMigration.sql
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