A beautiful package for Kepler and TESS time series analysis in Python.
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A beautiful package for Kepler and TESS time series analysis in Python.

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Lightkurve is a community-developed, open-source Python package which offers a beautiful and user-friendly way to analyze astronomical flux time series data, in particular the pixels and lightcurves obtained by NASA's Kepler and TESS exoplanet missions.


This package aims to lower the barrier for both students, astronomers, and citizen scientists interested in analyzing Kepler and TESS space telescope data. It does this by providing high-quality building blocks and tutorials which enable both hand-tailored data analyses and advanced automated pipelines.


Read the documentation at http://docs.lightkurve.org.


If you have a working version of Python 2 or 3 on your system, you can simply install this package using pip:

pip install lightkurve

Once installed, visit our quickstart guide at http://docs.lightkurve.org/tutorials/quickstart.html.


We welcome community contributions from everyone! Please read the contribution guidelines at http://docs.lightkurve.org/contributing.html.


If you find this package useful in your research, please cite it and give us a GitHub star! Please read the citation instructions at http://docs.lightkurve.org/citing.html.


Lightkurve is an open source community project created by the authors and supported by the Kepler/K2 Guest Observer Office. You can contact us via keplergo@mail.arc.nasa.gov.