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Allows to specify a domain when deleting a cookie.

When a cookie has been set with a given domain (i.e. domain=""), subsequent attempts to delete it will be ignored by the browser if the same domain is not provided.

So a 'domain' parameter is added to the 'delete_cookie' method in order to be able to delete those cookies.
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ignacio committed Jan 28, 2014
1 parent fc5751b commit 24b7c5c91d2e896e3b14f480bb195f40b4361641
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  1. +2 −2 src/wsapi/response.lua
@@ -87,8 +87,8 @@ function methods:set_cookie(name, value)
function methods:delete_cookie(name, path)
self:set_cookie(name, { value = "xxx", expires = 1, path = path })
function methods:delete_cookie(name, path, domain)
self:set_cookie(name, { value = "xxx", expires = 1, path = path, domain = domain })
function methods:redirect(url)

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