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Lotion coin

Friction-free framework for developing new cryptocurrencies. Built on Lotion.

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Lotion coin is a simple, extensible cryptocurrency library written for Lotion.

With just a few lines of JavaScript, you can make your own new coin that behaves exactly how you want it to.

Out of the box, lotion-coin supports addresses and send transactions, but you can arbitrarily extend your coin's functionality by using it from within a more complex Lotion state machine.

lotion-coin can be used as a node module, or as a cli if it's installed globally.

If your coin is going to have real value, please use Cosmos SDK instead of lotion-coin. The security of lotion-coin has not yet been evaluated.


Lotion app usage

npm install lotion lotion-coin
let lotion = require('lotion')
let { handler, client } = require('lotion-coin')

let opts = {
  port: 3000

let app = lotion(opts)((state, tx) => {
  handler(state, tx)

CLI usage

To initialize and run as a validator for a new currency:

npm install -g lotion-coin
Lcoin init
Lcoin start

That'll log a genesis key and start a validator node.

Users can use that genesis key to connect with:

Lcoin start <genesis key>

To send some coins, open another terminal window and run:

Lcoin send --address <recipient address> --amount 123

You can always open http://localhost:3232 while Lcoin is running to see the full JSON representation of the blockchain state from Lotion.