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Data-driven control plane for continuous delivery and operations

Welcome to the Keptn project đź‘‹

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Keptn is an event-driven orchestration engine for cloud-native apps. Started in 2018, it uses a declarative approach to automate delivery and operations so they can be scaled up to a large number of services. Keptn evaluates Service Level Indicators (SLOs) and provides a dashboard, alerts, and auto-remediation for them. It also provides integrations with the Cloud Native ecosystem including Prometheus, ArgoCD, CloudEvents, Backstage, and many other cloud-native projects.

Keptn is a member project of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Want to contribute? There is a big community behind Keptn. We invite you to join us and participate. Connect to the community on Keptn Slack, join our meetings, participate and contribute. See also our Project Governance and Code of Conduct.

Other organizations on GitHub. keptn-contrib for services/integrations, keptn-sandbox for experimental projects, keptn-sockshop for the main demos.


  1. Toolkit for cloud-native application lifecycle management

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  2. Keptn website and documentation portal

    HTML 33 71

  3. spec Public

    Contains Keptn specifications: CloudEvents, Shipyard, Uniform, SLI/SLO, Remediation

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  4. Keptn Enhancement Proposals

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  5. community Public

    Keptn community content: governance, community management, project infrastructure etc.

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  6. keptn Public

    Cloud-native application life-cycle orchestration. Keptn automates your SLO-driven multi-stage delivery and operations & remediation of your applications.

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