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import numpy as np
import gym
from keras.models import Sequential
from keras.layers import Dense, Activation, Flatten
from keras.optimizers import Adam
from rl.agents.cem import CEMAgent
from rl.memory import EpisodeParameterMemory
ENV_NAME = 'CartPole-v0'
# Get the environment and extract the number of actions.
env = gym.make(ENV_NAME)
nb_actions = env.action_space.n
obs_dim = env.observation_space.shape[0]
# Option 1 : Simple model
model = Sequential()
model.add(Flatten(input_shape=(1,) + env.observation_space.shape))
# Option 2: deep network
# model = Sequential()
# model.add(Flatten(input_shape=(1,) + env.observation_space.shape))
# model.add(Dense(16))
# model.add(Activation('relu'))
# model.add(Dense(16))
# model.add(Activation('relu'))
# model.add(Dense(16))
# model.add(Activation('relu'))
# model.add(Dense(nb_actions))
# model.add(Activation('softmax'))
# Finally, we configure and compile our agent. You can use every built-in Keras optimizer and
# even the metrics!
memory = EpisodeParameterMemory(limit=1000, window_length=1)
cem = CEMAgent(model=model, nb_actions=nb_actions, memory=memory,
batch_size=50, nb_steps_warmup=2000, train_interval=50, elite_frac=0.05)
# Okay, now it's time to learn something! We visualize the training here for show, but this
# slows down training quite a lot. You can always safely abort the training prematurely using
# Ctrl + C., nb_steps=100000, visualize=False, verbose=2)
# After training is done, we save the best weights.
cem.save_weights('cem_{}_params.h5f'.format(ENV_NAME), overwrite=True)
# Finally, evaluate our algorithm for 5 episodes.
cem.test(env, nb_episodes=5, visualize=True)
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