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import kerastuner
import tensorflow as tf
from tensorflow.python.util import nest
from autokeras import utils
from autokeras.engine import node as node_module
from autokeras.engine import serializable
class Block(kerastuner.HyperModel, serializable.Serializable):
"""The base class for different Block.
The Block can be connected together to build the search space
for an AutoModel. Notably, many args in the __init__ function are defaults to
be a tunable variable when not specified by the user.
# Arguments
name: String. The name of the block. If unspecified, it will be set
automatically with the class name.
def __init__(self, name=None, **kwargs):
if not name:
prefix = self.__class__.__name__
name = prefix + '_' + str(tf.keras.backend.get_uid(prefix))
name = utils.to_snake_case(name) = name
self.inputs = None
self.outputs = None
self._num_output_node = 1
def _build_wrapper(self, hp, *args, **kwargs):
if not self.tunable:
# Copy `HyperParameters` object so that new entries are not added
# to the search space.
hp = hp.copy()
with hp.name_scope(
return self._build(hp, *args, **kwargs)
def __call__(self, inputs):
"""Functional API.
# Arguments
inputs: A list of input node(s) or a single input node for the block.
# Returns
list: A list of output node(s) of the Block.
self.inputs = nest.flatten(inputs)
for input_node in self.inputs:
if not isinstance(input_node, node_module.Node):
raise TypeError('Expect the inputs to layer {name} to be '
'a Node, but got {type}.'.format(,
self.outputs = []
for _ in range(self._num_output_node):
output_node = node_module.Node()
return self.outputs
def build(self, hp, inputs=None):
"""Build the Block into a real Keras Model.
The subclasses should override this function and return the output node.
# Arguments
hp: HyperParameters. The hyperparameters for building the model.
inputs: A list of input node(s).
return super().build(hp)
def get_config(self):
"""Get the configuration of the preprocessor.
# Returns
A dictionary of configurations of the preprocessor.
return {'name':}
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