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from tensorflow.python.util import nest
from autokeras.engine import block as block_module
from autokeras.hypermodels import basic
from autokeras.hypermodels import preprocessing
from autokeras.hypermodels import reduction
class ImageBlock(block_module.Block):
"""Block for image data.
The image blocks is a block choosing from ResNetBlock, XceptionBlock, ConvBlock,
which is controlled by a hyperparameter, 'block_type'.
# Arguments
block_type: String. 'resnet', 'xception', 'vanilla'. The type of Block
to use. If unspecified, it will be tuned automatically.
normalize: Boolean. Whether to channel-wise normalize the images.
If unspecified, it will be tuned automatically.
augment: Boolean. Whether to do image augmentation. If unspecified,
it will be tuned automatically.
def __init__(self,
self.block_type = block_type
self.normalize = normalize
self.augment = augment
def get_config(self):
config = super().get_config()
config.update({'block_type': self.block_type,
'normalize': self.normalize,
'augment': self.augment})
return config
def build(self, hp, inputs=None):
input_node = nest.flatten(inputs)[0]
output_node = input_node
block_type = self.block_type or hp.Choice('block_type',
['resnet', 'xception', 'vanilla'],
normalize = self.normalize
if normalize is None:
normalize = hp.Boolean('normalize', default=False)
augment = self.augment
if augment is None:
augment = hp.Boolean('augment', default=False)
if normalize:
output_node = preprocessing.Normalization().build(hp, output_node)
if augment:
output_node = preprocessing.ImageAugmentation().build(hp, output_node)
if block_type == 'resnet':
output_node = basic.ResNetBlock().build(hp, output_node)
elif block_type == 'xception':
output_node = basic.XceptionBlock().build(hp, output_node)
elif block_type == 'vanilla':
output_node = basic.ConvBlock().build(hp, output_node)
return output_node
class TextBlock(block_module.Block):
"""Block for text data.
# Arguments
vectorizer: String. 'sequence' or 'ngram'. If it is 'sequence',
TextToIntSequence will be used. If it is 'ngram', TextToNgramVector will
be used. If unspecified, it will be tuned automatically.
pretraining: String. 'random' (use random weights instead any pretrained
model), 'glove', 'fasttext' or 'word2vec'. Use pretrained word embedding.
If left unspecified, it will be tuned automatically.
def __init__(self, vectorizer=None, pretraining=None, **kwargs):
self.vectorizer = vectorizer
self.pretraining = pretraining
def get_config(self):
config = super().get_config()
config.update({'vectorizer': self.vectorizer,
'pretraining': self.pretraining})
return config
def build(self, hp, inputs=None):
input_node = nest.flatten(inputs)[0]
output_node = input_node
vectorizer = self.vectorizer or hp.Choice('vectorizer',
['sequence', 'ngram'],
if vectorizer == 'ngram':
output_node = preprocessing.TextToNgramVector().build(hp, output_node)
output_node = basic.DenseBlock().build(hp, output_node)
output_node = preprocessing.TextToIntSequence().build(hp, output_node)
output_node = basic.Embedding(
pretraining=self.pretraining).build(hp, output_node)
output_node = basic.ConvBlock(separable=True).build(hp, output_node)
output_node = reduction.SpatialReduction().build(hp, output_node)
output_node = basic.DenseBlock().build(hp, output_node)
return output_node
class StructuredDataBlock(block_module.Block):
"""Block for structured data.
# Arguments
categorical_encoding: Boolean. Whether to use the CategoricalToNumerical to
encode the categorical features to numerical features. Defaults to True.
If specified as None, it will be tuned automatically.
seed: Int. Random seed.
def __init__(self,
self.categorical_encoding = categorical_encoding
self.seed = seed
self.column_types = None
self.column_names = None
def get_config(self):
config = super().get_config()
config.update({'categorical_encoding': self.categorical_encoding,
'seed': self.seed})
return config
def build_categorical_encoding(self, hp, input_node):
output_node = input_node
categorical_encoding = self.categorical_encoding
if categorical_encoding is None:
categorical_encoding = hp.Choice('categorical_encoding',
[True, False],
if categorical_encoding:
block = preprocessing.CategoricalToNumerical()
block.column_types = self.column_types
block.column_names = self.column_names
output_node =, output_node)
return output_node
def build_body(self, hp, input_node):
output_node = basic.DenseBlock().build(hp, input_node)
return output_node
def build(self, hp, inputs=None):
input_node = nest.flatten(inputs)[0]
output_node = self.build_categorical_encoding(hp, input_node)
output_node = self.build_body(hp, output_node)
return output_node
class TimeSeriesBlock(block_module.Block):
def build(self, hp, inputs=None):
raise NotImplementedError
class GeneralBlock(block_module.Block):
"""A general neural network block when the input type is unknown.
When the input type is unknown. The GeneralBlock would search in a large space
for a good model.
# Arguments
name: String.
def build(self, hp, inputs=None):
raise NotImplementedError
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