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Exports previously-starred articles from Google Reader to Evernote
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Exports previously-starred articles from Google Reader to Evernote

Run with -h to see available options.

If you use Google Reader (and probably even if you don't), you probably know that Google has announced they're shutting it down on July 1. I've got hundreds of starred articles in Reader, and I'd like to get them into a service that I have more control over. Since Evernote stores your data locally on your devices, I've found it's a good service for keeping my data in the cloud without running the risk of losing it if/when Evernote goes away. takes the exported JSON file produced by Google's Takeout (namely, 'starred.json') and dumps it into Evernote, using Evernote's e-mail note submission feature.

Note that if you have a lot of starred articles, you can blow through your daily e-mail upload limit quite easily! As of this writing, free accounts have a limit of 50 e-mails per day; premium accounts have a limit of 250. To accomodate that limitation, the script keeps track of where it left off each day (by writing a python pickle file in the current working directory) so that when you run it on subsequent days, you can simply use the --continue option to continue your article dump.

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