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CvNect v1.0

(Update 14.11.2013)

A project to display Microsoft Kinect's depth and color streams inside OpenCV windows and record individual streams by pressing dedicated keys.

  • Compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012
    MS Kinect SDK version:1.8 - OpenCV version:2.4.7

  • Required precompiled DLLs: opencv_core247.dll, opencv_highgui247.dll, opencv_imgproc247.dll

  • OpenCV environment variable "OPENCV_DIR" should be defined to show the location of the opencv folder.


Key || Action

  • Space bar || Reset Kinect tilt angle
  • 'c' || Toggle record color stream
  • 'd' || Toggle record depth stream
  • 'b' || Toggle record both streams simultaneously
  • 'q' / Escape || Exit

Kerem Gocen

https://github.com/keremgocen @humham