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-*- outline -*-
This file lists the bugs you must be aware of. Be sure to check this
file before using Autoconf, and especially git versions of Autoconf.
Copyright (C) 2000-2002, 2006-2011 Free Software Foundation,
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without
modification, are permitted in any medium without royalty provided
the copyright notice and this notice are preserved. This file is
offered as-is, without warranty of any kind.
Autoconf must not be used in production if there are ``Serious'' bugs,
and use with caution an Autoconf with ``Important bugs''.
* Status
| New features need further testing. |
* Now that configure depends on shell functions, it is possible that
configure scripts may fail to run on old platforms that lack a shell
with proper function support.
* Autotest parallel testsuite support is still a work in progress.
There are known issues in job handling under dash and some ksh
variants, where a parallel testsuite can hang or cause a 100%
processor load. In the current release, the overall autoconf
testsuite only exercises parallel autotest under bash and zsh, or if
you have defined TEST_PARALLEL_AUTOTEST in the environment.
Meanwhile, Cygwin has known problems with named fifos that cause
failures when attempting parallel tests in an autotest suite. It is
possible that other difficulties will be encountered, whether with
shell or platform limitations; help is appreciated in improving
parallel testsuite support.
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