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Included Bundles

  • pythonfolding: python folding plugin from is not managed with github, as there's no git mirror of it yet, afaik.
  • All of the plugins I use from Peter Odding(xolox) are handled using the vim-scripts mirror git repositories, even though there are proper upstream repositories (, because the upstream repositories aren't laid out in a traditional vim bundle manner.
  • Non-ideal layouts in the vim-scripts mirrors, so not using braid:
    • pythoncomplete
  • align: Help folks to align text, eqns, declarations, tables, etc
  • bitbake: Syntax highlighting, indentation settings, new file skeleton for BitBake recipes and configuration files
  • bufexplorer: Buffer Explorer / Browser
  • c-syntax: C Syntax Extensions
  • changesplugin: indicate changes of a buffer
  • command-t: Fast file navigation for VIM
  • conque: Conque is a Vim plugin allowing users to execute and interact with programs, typically a shell such as bash, inside a buffer window
  • countjump: Create custom motions and text objects via repeated jumps.
    • Used by diff_movement, help_movement
  • csapprox: Make gvim-only colorschemes work transparently in terminal vim
  • cute-python: Unicode goodness for Python code by using vim's new “conceal” feature
  • detectindent: Automatically detect indent (expandtab, shiftwidth, tabstop) settings
  • diff_movement: Movement over diff hunks with ]] etc.
  • fugitive: A Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal
  • gist: vimscript for
  • git: Vim Git runtime files
  • github-colors: A gvim colorscheme based on github's syntax highlighting
  • gitolite: Syntax highlight for gitolite configuration
  • gitosis: gitosis-admin.conf syntax highlighting for vim
  • golang: Vim syntax highlighting for Go (
  • gundo: Graph your Vim undo tree in style
  • help_movement: Movement over Vim help sections with ]] etc.
  • hilinks: A plugin which traces the highlighting linkages; ie. just what highlighting groups associated with the word under the cursor?
  • jellyx: A delicious collision of Jellybeans and Xoria256
  • largefile: Edit large files quickly
  • luainspect: Semantic highlighting for Lua in Vim
  • manpageview: Viewer for manpages, gnu info, perldoc, and php (unix/linux/cygwin)
  • markdown: Vim Markdown runtime files that WON'T leave you sterile
  • matchit: extended % matching for HTML, LaTeX, and many other languages
  • modeliner: Generates modeline according to the current settings.
  • mw-utils: various utils such as caching interpreted contents of files or advanced glob like things
    • Used by the lazy fork of snipmate
  • nerdcommenter: Vim plugin for intensely orgasmic commenting
  • nerdtree: hax0r vim script to give you a tree explorer
  • nerdtreeproject:
  • pathogen: manage your runtimepath
  • py2stdlib: The Python 2.x standard library documentation as a Vim help file
  • py3stdlib: The Python 3.x standard library documentation as a Vim help file
  • pyflakes: on the fly Python checking in Vim with PyFlakes
  • pylint: compiler plugin which runs pylint against python files
  • pythonfolding: python folding plugin from
  • pythonimport: automatically remove unused imports and clean up the rest
  • pythoncomplete: Python Omni Completion.
  • reload: The reload.vim plug-in automatically reloads various types of Vim scripts as they’re being edited in Vim to give you instant feedback on the changes you make
  • repeat: enable repeating supported plugin maps with "."
  • securemodelines: Secure, user-configurable modeline support
  • session: Extended session management for Vim
  • shell: Improved integration between Vim and its environment
  • snipmate: TextMate-style snippets for Vim
  • speeddating: use CTRL-A/CTRL-X to increment dates, times, and more
  • supertab: aims to provide tab completion to satisfy all your insert completion needs
  • surround: quoting/parenthesizing made simple
  • taglist: Source code browser (supports C/C++, java, perl, python, tcl, sql, php, etc)
  • tlib: Some utility functions
    • Used by the lazy fork of snipmate
  • unimpaired: Pairs of handy bracket mappings
  • vis: Extended Visual Mode Commands, Substitutes, and Searches

Installation / Configuration

Repository setup:

git clone ~/.vim
ln -sf .vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc

Install the above bundles (from Vim):


Command-t bundle setup:

cd ~/.vim/ruby/command-t
ruby extconf.rb

To update the bundles in the future, if necessary (from Vim):


To clean up the bundles (e.g. remove ones which were removed from the config, from Vim):



  • snipmate-skeleton: rather than only going by extension, try to open a template for the extension, and fall back to filetype.
  • Determine how to make the spell checking a bit smarter. Specifically, I'd like to disable all checking in regular python strings, but have checking in docstrings and in comments. Alternatively, don't consider "%s" a spelling error.
  • Figure out how to deal with pylint/pyflakes interactions. The pyflakes plugin sets quickfix items, and it regenerates it automatically on certain events, which means it blows away the pylint messages from :make. Perhaps we just need a way to disable/re-enable the pyflakes autocmds.
    • Additional note: :Glog conflicts with pyflakes in quickfix usage as well.
  • Disable trailing whitespace and beyond textwidth highlighting for conque_term buffers
  • Make detectindent obey 'comments' for non-C files.
  • Show the pyflakes error message in the cursor bubble
    • Note: the pyflakes error message uses the quickfix stuff. There's a vim signs in the signs column, and to show the message in the cursor balloon when mousing over the sign. Unfortunately, there are two issues:
      • balloon does not show up when mousing over the sign
      • have to manually run QuickfixsignsSet rather than it doing so automatically
  • Fix bugs in the current python folding plugin
    • Fails with multi-line function definitions
    • Fails with nested function definitions
  • debchangelog
    • Enable the foldexpr from the ftplugin
    • Add local mappings for the functions the ftplugin adds to the vim menus, but does not map to anything

Personal Notes / Reference:

  • Keymap / Commands:
    • Vim core:
      • :only - close all windows but the current one
      • ctrl-^: switches between active and alternate buffer in the current window
      • ctrl-w s: split
      • ctrl-a: increment
      • ctrl-x: decrement
      • gt, gT: next, previous tab
      • g;, g, (normal mode): previous, next in the changelist
      • ctrl-o, ctrl-i: previous, next in the jumplist
      • f{char}, F{char} (normal mode): occurance of {char} to the left, right
      • A == $a
      • C == d$a
      • I == ctrl-i: insert text before the first non-blank in the line
      • S == ctrl-c == cc: delete line(s) and start insert
      • xp: swap next two characters around
      • guu: lowercase line
      • gUU: uppercase line
      • ~: invert case (upper->lower; lower->upper) of current character
    • Vimrc:
      • <leader>ew: edit a file in the same directory as the current file
      • <leader>es: same as above, in a split
      • <leader>ev: same as above, in a vertical split
      • <leader>et: same as above, in a new tab
    • File type specific:
      • changelog
        • <leader>o: adds a new changelog entry for the current user for the current date.
    • Plugins:
      • surround
        • ds (normal mode): delete surrounding characters
        • cs (normal mode), s (visual mode), ctrl-g s (insert mode): change/insert surrounding characters
        • S (visual mode): change/insert surrounding characters, separate lines
      • nerdcommenter
        • <leader>cs: apply 'sexy' comment to line(s)
        • <leader>c<space>: toggle commenting on line(s)
        • <leader>cc: comment block as a whole (doesnt obey space_delim)
        • <leader>ci: comment individually
        • <leader>cu: uncomment individually
      • python_import
        • <leader>i: sort and clean up a python import block. When in normal mode, operates against the current paragraph. When in visual mode, operates against the selected lines.
      • [modelines] <leader>im: insert modeline
      • [hilinks] <leader>hlt: show highlighting groups of mouseover
  • Common indentation setups:
    • No hard tabs, 2 space indent: set sw=2 sts=2 et
    • No hard tabs, 4 space indent: set sw=4 sts=4 et
    • All hard tabs, 8 space tabstops: set ts=8 sw=8 sts=0 noet
    • Hard tabs for indentation, 4 space tabstops: set ts=4 sw=4 sts=0 noet
    • Horrendous, 4 space indent, 8 space tabstops, hard tabs: set ts=8 sw=4 sts=4 noet
  • A 'hidden' buffer is one which has been modified, and is not loaded in a window.