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tslib 1.11 - tbd
This release includes libts version 0.7.1 and the following changes:
* The graphical tools don't show TSLIB anymore, but Touchscreen instead.
* The graphical tools support rotating the screen 90, 180 and 270 degrees
This release includes the following bugfixes:
* ff8c7d9 use dlfcn.h dynamic loading function only if libdl is available
* d39d358 input-raw: fix multitouch devices without BTN_TOUCH
tslib 1.10 - released 2017-05-12
This release includes libts version 0.7.0 and the following changes:
* new `ts_libversion()` API and TSLIB_VERSION_MT definition
This offers seamless integration for apps that don't know tslib's version
* new `module_raw dmc_dus3000` for DMC DUS Series touch screen via UART
* Fixed and improved statically linked building
This release includes the following bugfixes:
* c03f7c9 tools: fix usage of ts_uinput -d -v
* 47e7ab5 input-raw: Fix wrong first slot values by using calloc instead of malloc
* 7c5b4f8 plugins: filters: check for read_mt() availability
* e684df5 call ops->fini() only when implemented by the plugin
* 0ca9580 ts_close: free tslib_module_info when fini() is not implemented
* 5974266 median: read_mt: mark all-zero samples invalid
tslib 1.9 - released 2017-04-21
This release includes libts version 0.6.0 and the following changes:
* new `module iir` infinite impulse response filter
* `module_raw galax` is deprecated. Users should switch to `module_raw input`
* multitouch for (at least) eGalax 210 (`module_raw input` and `ts_read_mt()`)
* new `ts_verify` API test program
* `ts_uinput -d -v` prints the new /dev/input/eventX device node before returning
* experimental support for GNU / Hurd
This release includes the following bugfixes:
* fix support for protocol type A devices (for example Sitronix ST1232)
* fix the `skip` filter's read_mt() multitouch operation
* 338d2e4 input-raw: add MT protocol type A support to ts_read()
* e47df79 input-raw: fix pressure capable multitouch devices
* dbb8f4c ts_uinput: correctly return in case forking fails
* 73773ac fbutils-linux: fix framebuffer errors on 64 bit systems
* 4d63bfa input-raw: fix ts_read_mt for non-MT devices without pressure
tslib 1.8 - released 2017-03-21
tslib 1.8 is backwards compatible. Changes since last release include:
* experimental support for building on Windows (using MSYS2)
* fixed ts_read_mt() in non-blocking operation when trying to read more than
1 sample, see bugfixes
* added workaround for strangely behaving eGalax model 210 devices, see bugfixes
* bugfixes
- 388d3da input-raw: ts_read_mt: fix returning actually read samples
- c7f0966 debounce: use signed time values
- 9a9b0c9 pthres: read_mt: fix internal pressure state handling
- fa10e4c galax: version 210: use ABS_MT_DISTANCE to find pressure 0
tslib 1.7 - released 2017-03-13
Changes since last release:
* ts_read_mt() now consistently returns errno set by read() when using
module_raw input
* extended ts_print_mt to test more of our API
* ts_print_mt --raw replaces the ts_print_raw_mt program
* basic support for the Haiku OS
* added a release helper script to simplify the releasing process
* add proper AUTHORS and THANKS files, as well as .mailmap
* bugfixes
- 6ea643e ts_test_mt: fix idev commandline option
- 9617c7d dmc-raw: fix errno return code to be negative
- dc2fdaf input-raw: remove errror message on each negative return from read()
- 75b5f40 input-raw: return read() errno on error.
- de5e261 skip: fix buffer memory freeing
- da5477e median: fix ts_read_mt() pen down event
tslib 1.6 - released 2017-03-03
Changes since the last release:
* ABI addition: (ensuring backwards compatibility)
* tools/ that creates /dev/input/ts_uinput
* improved documentation in README
* support for FreeBSD (experimental)
* bugfixes and performance improvements
- 3b01897 skip: fix order of memory freeing in finish routine
- 9ed4eca skip: avoid unnecessary malloc during operation
- f9202cc median: fix memory cleanup
- 69444b9 input-raw: improve input definitions backwards compatibility
tslib 1.5 - released 2017-02-09
Changes since 1.4 are:
* restore full backwards compatibility for all old kernel headers
* 64 bit compatibility for test programs
* bugfixes
- 3f99a83 Revert "plugins: linear: fix config file access"
tslib 1.4 - released 2017-02-03
Most notable changes since 1.3 are:
* added default input device names (for example /dev/input/ts)
* new API: ts_setup()
* support for Android (experimental)
* man page updates and fixes
* compatibility fixes
* bugfixes all over the place
tslib 1.3 - released 2017-01-09
Most notable changes since 1.2 are:
* user visible:
- multitouch:
- tools/ts_uinput: daemon program offers an input event device to use, instead of tslib's API
- new filter plugin: median filter
- man pages
* user API:
- ts_read_mt() and struct ts_sample_mt
- ts_reconfig()
* misc:
- support for multitouch in input-raw and filter plugins
- bugfixes (partly found by Coverity)
- build system fixes
tslib 1.2 - released 2016-11-18
Most notable changes since 1.1 are:
* user visible:
new plugins, see below
added ts_finddev program (via buildroot)
* hardware plugins:
improved eGalax touchscreen support
added support for eGalax 7200 and 7201 touchscreens
added hardware plugin for WaveShare touchscreens
* filter plugins:
bugfixes in variance plugin
added debounce plugin
added skip plugin
* misc:
library versioning
bugfixes and performance improvements
tslib 1.1 - released 2013-08-08
This release is compatible with tslib 1.0.
It includes many bug fixes, support for building with automake 1.13,
support for running in a different resolution than during calibration,
extremely basic multi-touch support (incomplete implementation of the
multi-touch protocol) and 4 new tslib plugins (dmc, touchkit, egalax,
palm pre). See the git repository history for details.
tslib 1.0 - released 2006-08-16
* plugins/collie.c,plugins/corgi.c: Apply patch from Richard Purdie to
fix the microseconds field of the timeval struct, as it was
inadvertantly holding milliseconds.
tslib - older versions
for the old Changelog from CVS times, please see the file doc/ChangeLog.old