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Branchless Bank Creative Brief


Branchless Bank was founded in 2015 by Andrew Melo. Mr. Melo travels extensively and was struggling with meeting his banking needs while spending more time on the road than at home. This is not Mr. Melo's area of expertise, so he is hiring a company to design the concept and execute the steps to ship the product.


- Ages 18-49.
- Male/Female.
- United States only with plans on expanding to other countries within the first year.
- Targets young adults in college, working parents, those traveling extensively for work purposes.

Mission Statement

To create an online only banking service that saves you time and allows ease of mind while leading a busy life. Whether traveling, in-school, or spending time with your family, Branchless Bank is always close by. Our ROOTS system allows for easy money transfer between friends and family.

Services Offered

- Send and receive money transfers/wires
- Online bill reminders, notifications, calendar scheduling for bill payment
- Use thousands of ATM machines world-wide
- Easily send money/payments to friends and family through the roots system

Project Objectives

Online banking site
Ease of bill paying during travel, work, life
Time Saving
Roots program, allows easy money transfer to friends and family

Project Goals

- Define what makes Branchless Bank different and competitive in the market.
- Focus on making travel easy. There is no need to drive to your bank when your bank is online.
- Reminder system tied into your billing accounts to either set-up advanced billing or send you reminders to set up online payment for ease of mind.
- Roots system-gives you easy access to friends and family to send/receive money.

Competitor Analysis

- Venmo
  • no bill pay options or reminder notices/ only a friend to friend payment system.
- Apple Pay
  • Have to have an apple product to use the service
Branchless Bank will be accessible over any mobile phone, tablet or lap top and allows both friend to friend payment and bill payment options/reminders.


Project tone will be a clean, easy access, fast paced with your life and flexile approach. We want to add time to your day, not take it away. Security of your personal information is our number one priority.
A few descriptions we want to get across:
  • trustworthy
  • honest
  • protective
  • accessible
  • reliable
  • fast
  • simple
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