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index.html Creative Brief


Goodreads launched in January 2007. It is the largest site for readers and book recommendations. Goodreads has over 55 million members, 50 million book reviews, and over 1.5 billion books added. The site allows you to see what books your friends are reading and lets you track what you are reading, want to read, and gives you suggestions based on the books you track on the site for other books you may enjoy. The site helps you increase your reading by letting you set-up your own reading challenge for the year, encouraging you to read more.

The brains behind the site, Otis Chandler, has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a software engineer at heart, spending most of his time coding the site.

I you enjoy doing book reviews, the site offers a list of the top 100 reviewers, letting consumers vote for the reviews they like.

If you aren’t much into reading and are looking to change that, this site is good at directing you the right way to find what genre may interest you the most.

The site makes it very easy to add book purchases through Amazon to start tracking and reviewing them.

If you are looking for even more, the site offers trivia and quizzes as well as reading groups and communities to get involved in. Another feature that helps tie in your local bookstores is the events listings where you can find authors doing readings and signings within a certain distance of your home.


  • Ages 18 and up.

  • Male/Female.

  • Targets individuals that love to read at any age.

Mission Statement

Goodreads offers an online library service where you can shelve and review the books you have read as well as allowing you to follow what books your friends are reading. It offers a social aspect by including reading groups and communities that you can be a part of, ask the author a question as well as what local events are going on at bookstores within your vicinity. The site gives you the tools to increase your reading and get suggestions on other books that may interest you.

Services Offered

-Library of books you have read

-Review books you read

-Track what books your friends are reading

-Get suggestions from their staff on books you may like according to what you record in your library.

-Social involvement in reading groups and communities.

-Ask the author a question.

-Ease of book additions via amazon.

-Trivia and quizzes.

Project Objectives

To redesign the library MY BOOKS page to make the UI and layout more appealing as well as easy to navigate. Page will be responsive across all platforms.

Project Goals

-Update the drab and dull layout of the MY BOOKS/ Library page to reflect a more creative and reflective site.

-Make the page responsive across all platforms.

Competitor Analysis
  • Blogging/writing review sites for books
  • Aimed at connecting readers more directly to authors and becoming a gathering spot for well-read individuals
  • Search and save lists for books you want to read

There is quite a bit of competition for this genre, however it seems that each one offers a part of what goodreads does, but not the entire package. The social aspect of goodreads I feel is what really makes it stand out.


The MYBOOKS page needs to be clean yet creative. It needs to reflect the imagination of what the person is reading. People read to escape their everyday lives. The page is very drab and cluttered. It is hard to find where you want to go. The UI needs to be very easy to navigate with a feel of organization yet zen.


  • creative
  • smart
  • educated
  • easy
  • zen
  • peaceful
  • flow
  • imagination
  • travel
  • color
  • release
  • escape
  • excitement
  • knowledge
  • dark wood
  • bookcases
  • floor to ceiling
  • collection
  • words
  • fonts
  • expression
  • history
  • learning
  • categories
  • paper
  • tradition
  • paperback books
  • photographs
  • coffee table book


I'm technologically stupid so I find it confusing and hard to follow. For example I don't know what batch edit means. I'd like to have a one click system where I just click through options (not a drop down menu, mind you) but where I'd go click, click, click and the review would be posted. I don't want to have to review them at length because I have to write so much as it is so I may not be the best person to say anything about that part. I also don't understand widgets or what they do or ho to work with them. What I like about the My Books Page is that it's uncluttered.


  • Social aspect: Connects you to friends and groups
  • Easy: Lets you bring book purchases in from amazon
  • Reviews : Lets you express your opinion
  • Organization: Lets you keep everything together so you can refer back to it
  • Suggestions: Staff gives you suggestions on other books you may enjoy based on what you’ve read/reviewed
  • Increased sales/advertising for
  • A lot of variety in things you can do on the site.
  • Pulls in the local brick/mortar book store by posting events.
  • Design of the MYBOOKS page is drab, boring, and confusing.
  • The creator is a software engineer who needs a good designer.
  • Difficulty navigating especially for those not tech savvy.
  • To help the local brick and mortars sell more by posting more interactive event pages, including sign up and invitations to interested individuals
  • To uncomplicated the UI so those that just want to read and post a quick review can do so in fewer steps.
  • A lot of competition sites are out there, so goodreads needs to keep on the ball with design and technology.
  • Complicated navigation might turn consumers away to another site.
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