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Readme for history of anthropology timeline

Alex Golub, UH Mānoa

7 December 2016

This project grew organically over time. It is meant to be part of a larger research project on the history of anthropology in the UK, USA, and France from 1927 to 2027. It is designed to be viewed in Aeon Timeline. The earliest date is the bith of Lewis Henry Morgan on 21 Nov 1818 and the latest is the death of Roy D'Andrade on 20 Oct 2016. It has just over 1,000 entries. There are probably some duplicates here and there (especially in publications) that I didn't catch, tho. The timeline was designed to be used with the program Aeon Timeline.

The timeline has two arcs: publications (books, articles, etc.) and institutions (everything that isn't a publication). The entities in the timeline are individual anthropologists. In general, for roughly 118 anthropologists. Every event in associated with a person (ideally)! In the beginning of making this database I was cavalier in citation, but now am much more strict. The notes field of each event should include a cite to the source for each date. For publications, this is ideally but for most publications is it is just from the UHM library catalog or other people's claims about when books were published.

All events are color-coded based on where they happened (for publications, this is the main office of the publishing house). A list of colors can be found below.

Tags are associated with each event. A list of tags can be found below. Importantly, I've attempted to tag all events that happened at institutions. This way filtering by tag can reveal a rough history of the departments and universities in question.

I am sure your favorite person is not on here.

Things you can sort for if I do this right, and other notes on usage

  • I guess technically every entry with a department tag should also have a department tag.
  • When all departments were founded: search tags department + founded


I try as much as possible to make these reflect WHERE the events actually happened, not what the 'alleigance' of the person eventing is (whatever that would mean)

  • red - America, Canada
  • blue - France
  • yellow - UK, Australia, New Zealand
  • purple - Europe
  • Orange - Africa
  • Green - latin America
  • light green - Asia (yes, I know this is a bit broad!)



  • AmericanAnthropologist - American Anthropologist (journal)
  • JAF - Journal of American Folklore
  • journal - all events relating to a journal (not mandatory)

Academic Units

  • AAA - American Anthropological Association
  • AMNH - American Museum of Natural History
  • BAE - Bureau of American Ethnology
  • BritishAcademy
  • CulturalStudies - any cultural studies department in a uni. Right now this is just Birmingham in the UK.
  • department - something about a department. I guess EVERY department event should have it if I want to pull up a view of just department events.
  • EASA - European Association of Social Anthropology
  • AAAS - American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • FieldMuseum - Field Museum at Chicago.
  • MacArthur - Macarthur genius grant
  • conference - a conference took place
  • RAI - Royal Anthropological Institute
  • ResearchProject - a multi-year highly-funded research project.
  • Rockefeller - founded with Rockefeller money
  • Rhodes - time as Rhodes scholar
  • SocialRelations - Social Relations at Harvard
  • SocialThought - Department of Social Thought, University of Chicago
  • Sociology - any sociology department

Standard Events to Include on the Timeline

  • birth
  • death
  • founded - date of founding of a department or journal
  • phd - gets a Ph.D. (not mandatory)


  • Arizona
  • Berkeley
  • Birmingham - University of Birmingham UK
  • Brandeis
  • BU Boston University
  • Buffalo - SUNY Buffalo
  • Cambridge
    • WyseChair - Inhabitants of William Wyse chair of anthropology at Cambridge
  • Chicago - University of Chicago
  • CNRS
  • Collège de France
  • Columbia - Columbia AND Barnard
  • Cornell
  • CUNY - Graduate Center CUNY
  • ENS - Ecole Normale Superieure
  • EPHE - Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes
  • Harvard -- includes Radcliffe
  • Hopkins - John Hopkins
  • Indiana - U Indiana at Bloomington
  • Institutd'Ethnologie - Institut d'Ethnologie
  • LAS - Laboratoire d'anthropologie sociale
  • Legion - légion d'honneur
  • LSE - London School of Economics
  • Manchester
  • Michigan - University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
  • Minnesota - University of Minnesota
  • Northwestern - Northwestern
  • NYU - New York Universitty
  • Oxford
  • Penn - Penn
  • Pitt - University of Pittsburgh
  • RLI - Rhodes Livingstone Institute
  • Rochester - Rochester
  • SimonFraser
  • SOAS - School of Oriental and Asian Studies
  • SydneyUni - University of Sydney
  • Stanford
  • Tulane
  • UBC - University of British Columbia
  • UCL - University College London
  • UCLA - University of California Los Angeles
  • UCONN - University of Connecticuit
  • UCSD - University of California San Diego
  • UFL University of Florida
  • UHM University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
  • UIUC University of Illionois at Urbana Champaign
  • UMD University of Maryland
  • UNC U N. Carolina Chapel Hill
  • UNM - University of New Mexico
  • Utah - University of Utah
  • UWA - University of Washington (Seattle)
  • Vienna - University of Vienna
  • Wisconsin - University of Wisconsin
  • WUSTL - Washington University Saint Louis
  • Yale

Abbreviations used in sources

  • cat catalog
  • Gacs, Women Anthropologists, ed. Gacs
  • NAS National Academy of Sciences (USA)
  • RD Routledge Dictionary of Anthropology
  • Stocking, Anthro at Chicago
  • Winters: International Biographical Encyclopedia of Anthropology
  • work of others - the 'work of others' folder on my computer
  • individuals - the 'individuals' folder on my computer
  • -- search of the copyright database at