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The ansible playbook in this repository will setup an HA NFS cluster for users with credentials/access to LINBIT's repositories.
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LINBIT Ansible NFS Cluster

Build an HA NFS Cluster using Ansible with packages from LINBIT.

System requirements:

  • An account at (contact
  • Deployment environment must have Ansible 2.7.0+ and python-netaddr.
  • All target systems must have passwordless SSH access.
  • All hostnames used in inventory file are resolvable (better to use IP addresses).
  • Target systems are CentOS/RHEL 7.


Edit hosts.ini for your environment and target nodes.

Explanation of the variables:

  • cluster_vip is the virtual IP your clients will use to connect to the cluster.
  • cluster_vip_cidr is the cidr netmask for your virtual IP belongs in.
  • drbd_backing_disk is a raw block device or LVM that DRBD will use as backing storage.
  • drbd_replication_network is the subnet your DRBD replication interface exists in.

For example:



# do not change ansible_user

If you do not want to be prompted for your credentials, pass --extra-vars to ansible-playbook at execution time:

$ ansible-playbook -e lb_user="username" -e lb_pass="password" -e lb_con_id="1234" -e lb_clu_id="1234" site.yaml

You will be prompted for any variables not set with --extra-vars.


You can add and remove nodes to the cluster by adding/removing nodes in the inventory file and re-rerunning the playbook. You will lose any data created on your cluster when re-running the playbook (see wipefs task in site.yaml). When "scaling down" (removing nodes) by re-running the playbook, be sure to stop Pacemaker/Corosync/DRBD on the node(s) you're removing.


Please pass any issues or questions you may have regarding this playbook to your LINBIT account manager or

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