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require "bundler/gem_tasks"
require "rake/testtask"
task :default => :test do |t|
t.pattern = "test/unit/**/*_test.rb"
t.verbose = true
end"test:gallery") do |t|
t.pattern = "test/gallery/**/*_test.rb"
t.verbose = true
# The RubyMine reporter must be tested separately inside of RubyMine, and hence
# is not run in the gallery. The JUnit reporter writes to `test/reports` instead
# of having meaningful output. The guard reporter requires Guard, and I'm not
# really all that interested in setting it up for automated testing for such a
# simple reporter.
task :gallery do
].each do |reporter|
puts "Running gallery tests using #{reporter}..."
sh "rake test:gallery REPORTER=#{reporter}" do
# Ignore failures. They're expected when you are running the gallery
# test suite.
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