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Mostly dot-files and system tweaks for a swell Debian Linux Xfce-based experience.
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debfix — dot-files and tweaks

Tweaks for Debian (or derivative) GNU/Linux distribution

This repository consists mostly of dot-files for a swell Xfce-based experience and some administrative scripts that increase the performance and convenience of GNU/Linux as a desktop environment. In other words, this repository should contain all that is needed to turn a vanilla Debian Xfce install (or similar, YMMV) into my and mom's favorite OS.

It it comprised of two parts:

Any feedback, suggestions, bugs, fixes, requests and ideas are welcome!

Debfix System Tweaks

Using the 'template' files in debfix directory, script sequentially prompts the user to:

Further details revealed with inspection of related do_* functions in the script.

You can suppy -y or --assume-yes to the script to choose 'yes' (or other provided default) on all prompts. Unattended is hugely untested, though. :-)

About dot-files

You can easily copy the configuration dot-files to your $HOME with script. Files and directories starting with . thus hold:

  • a neat and useful .bashrc with a nice $PS1 prompt
  • some gathered .fonts
  • some gathered scripts in .local/bin
  • cross-session autostart (devilspie, tilda, disable tapping while typing, disable alert, ...)
  • custom XDG user directories
  • Xfce4 (currently gtk-2.0 only) and xfwm4 .themes (specifically, modified Xfce-orange and Microcurve), default gnome-human-icon-theme
  • additional configuration is included for, but not limited to:
    • Audacious (..., yaxamp skin)
    • devilspie
      • hide audacious from taskbar (status icon in notification area is enough)
      • minimal-sized skype call windows
      • sticky Pidgin conversations, Firefox, and Geany
    • evince
    • Geany (config and nice dark syntax highlighting for some languages)
    • GiMP (a couple of custom keybinings)
    • IPython (default profile more shell-like & default __future__.division & scientific imports ...)
    • Mousepad (8px font)
    • Pidgin (prefs, custom smileys)
    • qBittorrent (lite interface & solid settings)
    • SpeedCrunch
    • Thunar (small icons, toolbar-style location, custom actions)
    • tilda: drop-down, quake-like terminal (set on (my) 'cedilla' key, above Tab)
    • Xfce4 (solid settings for novices (optional windows look) & pros)
    • xfce4-terminal (small font, large scrollback history, no auto scrolling)
    • Mozilla Firefox (and Iceweasel)
      • look & feel (window, context menu)
      • about:config prefs
      • extensions anyone should have:
        • Adblock Plus
        • Custom Buttons (have JavaScript-run buttons on your chrome)
        • dictionaries (Slovene, English)
        • Dictionary Lookup Extension
        • Greasemonkey
        • Image Zoom
        • keyconfig (to remap annoying Ctrl+Q etc.)
        • NoScript
        • Text Link
        • Textarea Cache (never again lose your lengthy forum post)
        • Tree Style Tab (for proper vertical hierarchical tabs)
        • X-notifier (for all of your Gmail et al. accounts)
        • for developers (Firebug, Links & Forms, TamperData, View Deps, View Frames, WebDeveloper)

Installation instructions

You can download the latest version in a .zip or .tar.gz format.

You unpack it with:

$ unzip   # or
$ tar -xvzf master.tar.gz


$ cd debfix-master
$ python   # to copy dot-files to your $HOME,   and
$ sudo python     # to run the interactive tweaking script

It's best to run in a virtual terminal (Ctrl+Alt+Fn) with a display manager screen 'hanging' on Ctrl+Alt+F7 instead of in a single-user (root) session as there are more services ensuring everything goes smoothly. Please let me know if you experience any issues!


Hover mouse for caption:

xfce4-terminal & visible part of .bashrc

Windows-like Xfce desktop

Firefox/Iceweasel look&feel

Geany IDE/editor

qBittorrent "lite"

Pidgin custom smileys to please your remote better half

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