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  1. summary generates a verb based on parameters
  2. labels German,inflection,module,morpheme,Russian,verb
OutBuffer ParaMeter VerbPhrase

Code from German DeKi.txt


The VerbGen module is called by VerbPhrase after first the "gencon" status-flag is set to "1" unity. The "gencon" flag serves to keep track of whether or not a verb-form is being generated, so that an extra verb-form will not be sent into the SpeechAct module.

The VerbGen module first fills in the AudBuffer by using "audbase" as the start of the auditory engram of the verb that needs to have its inflectional ending changed.

The "gencon" flag is set to "1" unity when VerbGen is called, so that the VerbPhrase module will not make its normal main call to SpeechAct that would result in the output of an extra verb-form.