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zorun commented Jun 23, 2014

No description provided.


kerneis commented Jun 23, 2014

I don't understand what fb6df74 is supposed to do. Could you resubmit with a more verbose commit message please? I'm happy with the other two patches, but it's probably more sensible if I merge everything in one go. Thanks.

zorun commented Jun 27, 2014

Indeed, will do.

You can see it in action at (see the tooltip on nodes). If you can think of a better way to visualise originated prefixes, I'm all ears.

I need to fix a small bug anyway, the prefixes are currently duplicated when we have multiple paths to a node.

Baptiste Jonglez added some commits Jun 23, 2014

Apply less zoom by default
Actually, the current default zoom level is fine for the linear scale.
But since the logarithmic scale is enabled by default, the default zoom
level should be adapted to the logarithmic scale.

A proper fix would be to have a comparable size for both types of scale,
but that may prove difficult to implement.
Provide a default port (33123) for connecting to Babel
This allows omitting the port number when running babelweb, like:

  babelweb routers="[::1]"
Display originated prefixes when hovering a router in the graph
Each Babel router announces a set of prefixes (through "redistribute"
statements), which we call originated prefixes.  This patch displays these
prefixes, as seen by the currently selected router.

Note that for each different selected router, we might see different sets
of originated prefixes, because of prefix filtering performed by various
Babel routers.

zorun commented Jun 27, 2014

Updated as 68349a4 (i've updated as well).

I'm not sure about the browser compatibility of the map function, I used that to re-use existing code for
managing sets (insertKey). If you can think of a cleaner solution, don't hesitate to fix it.


kerneis commented Jun 27, 2014 is fine, it's in javascript 1.6 (IE ≥ 9, Firefox ≥ 1.5):


kerneis commented Jun 27, 2014

Since we are using d3, though, we should really be using Sets, but oh well…


kerneis commented Jun 27, 2014

Rebased, updated to use d3.set() and merged. Thanks.

@kerneis kerneis closed this Jun 27, 2014

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