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Images used by KernelCI

There are 3 different types of images that can be used by the boot and test plans, they'are based on:

These file systems are also described in the YAML test configuration used by the KernelCI code.

The Debian images are available for the following architectures: armhf, armel, arm64, x86 (or i386), x86_64 (or amd64), mips, mipsel and mips64el.

They are provided in different formats:

  • initrd.cpio.gz is a minimal initramfs (~ 3M)
  • rootfs.cpio.gz is a small base ramdisk with a stripped Debian of (~ 13M)

And 3 rootfs with full debian systems in different formats:

  • full.rootfs.cpio.gz (~ 87M)
  • full.rootfs.tar.xz (~56M)
  • rootfs.ext4.xz (~57M)

The size are estimations since they vary for every architecture.

The Debian images are built directly by the Jenkins server of using debos. The debos recipe for building the Debian images can be found in the kernelci-core repository.

Supported archs

In the debian images:

  • armhf, 32 bits ARM v7 with floating point, little endian.
  • armel, 32 bits ARM v4t, little endian.
  • arm64, 64 bits ARM v8, little endian. Also known as AArch64.
  • x86, 32 bits. Also known as i386.
  • x86_64, 64 bits x86. Also known as amd64.
  • mips, 32 bits, big endian.
  • mipsel, 32 bits, little endian.
  • mips64el, 64 bits little endian.
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