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KernelCI Test Plans

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Intro to Test Plans in KernelCI

The test plans are run on LAVA v2 and live in the kernelci-core repository. They are described in the file test-configs.yaml.

Creating a test plan

You should always submit your test plans to the repository kernelci-core-staging, then some maintainer will merge them in the production repository kernelci-core after they have been successfully tested in the staging infrastructure.

The test plan should be place under the directory templates in a subdirectory with the name of the test plan. A easy example to understand how the templates work is the v4l2 smoke test plan.

Please, read the LAVA v2 documentation if you are not familiar with the YAML specification for LAVA jobs.

Once you have added your test plan, you should update the test-configs.yaml file accordingly. This file is documented in the page Test-configurations.

Then you'll be able to generate and submit LAVA job definitions as done running

Current test plans

  • cros-ec

Checks the presence of the device file /dev/cros_ec This allows to know if the driver probe has run successfully and the kernel has been able to establish communication with the embedded controller.

  • igt

Launch some tests from IGT aimed to the DRM subsystem. Note that not all the tests included in IGT are launch.

  • sleep

Checks that system power states work, along with RTC wake ups. The tests runs 10 times each suspend/resume cycle for the states mem and freeze.

  • usb

Checks that lsusb's output is non-empty. Most devices will have at least one USB device, and those that don't can have any kind of non-intrusive USB device plugged in. This will test for now that the driver for the host USB controller probed correctly and the very basics are working.

  • v4l2

Runs the tool v4l2-compliance to test video4linux devices. The test parses individually the output of every test of the tool.

Other test plans not documented

  • base
  • boot
  • boot-be
  • boot-kvm
  • boot-kvm-uefi
  • boot-nfs
  • boot-nfs-mp
  • cpufreq-ljt-stress-test
  • cyclictest
  • cyclictest-basic
  • hackbench
  • kselftest
  • lmbench
  • ltp-mm
  • ltp-realtime
  • ltp-syscalls
  • simple
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