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Weekly Meeting

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KernelCI holds a weekly meeting to discuss maintenance and improvements. The minutes are sent to the KernelCI mailing list, and can be seen by searching the archives for #minutes.


Minutes are kept in a google doc and re-formatted for email publishing.

Google Docs is very convenient to use during the meeting for collaborative editing, but it is a terrible medium for email. It turns out to be a bit tricky to turn the google docs content into plain text email content. While google docs has a feature to export as text, it severely botches the formatting of bulleted lists.

The following steps are used to export the minutes from google and into a text-only email.

  • Copy minutes out of google doc
  • Paste minutes into LibreOffice Writer
  • Copy minutes out of LibreOffice Writer
  • Open Vim
  • Set paste mode in vim
    • :set paste
  • paste
  • Unset paste mode in vim
    • :set nopaste
  • Invoke KCI function (see below) to reformat the bullets into plain text
    • :KCI<cr>
  • Run 'gqap' on the wall of text to wrap the lines at 72 characters
    • gqap
  • Finally, insert newlines after each topic for readability.
  • Create a new email with the following headers, paste the content, and send.

The following function should live in your ~/.vimrc:

function! KCI()
    %s/^    //g
    %s/    /  /g
    %s/ *$//g
command KCI call KCI()
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