Custom camera HALs for the OnePlus One and OnePlus X. OnePlus One (bacon/cm-13.0-sultan branch): use with OxygenOS v1.0.0 proprietary camera libraries. OnePlus X (onyx/cm-13.0-sultan branch): use with OxygenOS v2.2.2 proprietary camera libraries.
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QCamera camera: Use direct project pathmap Jul 13, 2015
QCamera2 QCamera2: Set auto antibanding mode using country ISO code Aug 6, 2017
mm-image-codec QCamera2: Compilation fix for AOSP upgrade Nov 13, 2016 hardware/qcom/camera: Adding msm_bronze and msm8916 to V4l2 drivers list Jan 2, 2014 Camera: Initial release of camera 2.0 HAL. Aug 30, 2012
MODULE_LICENSE_BSD Initial version of msm camera hal Jul 6, 2012
QCamera_Intf.h Update copyright to The Linux Foundation Jan 10, 2013