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gedit with a workaround for an annoying bug
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kerneltoast Work around tab width rendering incorrectly
Some time in July 2019, a pango update caused fixed-width spacing to
break in gedit. The pango developers don't know of any change they've
made that could be responsible for this behavior. Luckily, changing the
tab width in gedit to any value other than the current one, then back to
the desired value, works around the issue for the current session.

So do exactly that to work around the issue.

Latest commit 682c5ed Feb 10, 2020


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build-aux flatpak: Update deps. to latest stable versions Sep 19, 2019
data Remove unused file since we migrated to meson Oct 21, 2019
docs docs: roadmap: add intro, improve and document task structure Aug 30, 2019
osx build: Remove autotools support Jan 14, 2019
po Update Catalan translation Oct 12, 2019
snap snap: Ensure we pull the stable branch for gedit-plugins to match gedit Nov 15, 2019
subprojects build: stop using libgd.wrap Jan 13, 2019
tools Don't hard-code paths to interpreters Jul 10, 2019
win32 win32: Update README for GitLab Mar 3, 2019
.gitlab-ci.yml flatpak: Move manifest out of the source root Mar 16, 2019
.gitmodules Capitalize GNOME in the submodule URL Feb 6, 2019
AUTHORS Update authors/maintainers Oct 18, 2014 docs: Markdown: links to other files in the same repo Aug 28, 2019
COPYING Update COPYING Mar 10, 2015
logo.png icon: update to the latest design Dec 4, 2018
meson_options.txt build: Reintroduce enable-gvfs-metadata option Apr 12, 2019

gedit - The GNOME text editor

This is version 3.34.1 of gedit.

gedit is the official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment. While aiming at simplicity and ease of use, gedit is a powerful general purpose text editor.

Whether you are writing the next bestseller, programming an innovative application, or simply taking some quick notes, gedit will be a reliable tool to accomplish your task.

Its flexible plugin system allows you to tailor the application to your needs and adapt it to your workflow.

See the gedit official website for more information.


gedit is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later, see the file COPYING for more information.


gedit uses the GTK GUI toolkit.

For a complete list of dependencies, see the file and search the section “Dependencies”.


To build gedit from source, see the docs/ file.

How to report bugs

Please read the wiki page on how to report bugs, it contains a list of frequently reported bugs and a link to the bug tracker.


gedit development relies on voluntary contributions and everyone is invited to help.

See the file for more information.

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