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PerformanceFScore :Script to evaluate the F-Score performance of an algorithm (from the graph or snap libraries) is PerformanceFScore.

It computes the mean F-Score on a number of random subgraphs of your graph. You can also compute the accuracy in the number of communities detected in the same way. The graph submitted has to be in csv format with each line as : nodeFrom nodeTo

MiseEnFormeSortie : used to obtain a standardized output from the algorithms of the snap library. It is used in the performance script.

DetectionCommunautes : It is used to apply community detection algorithms on graphs.

ExportJson : To export the graph in Json format.

PageRank : applies the igraph pageRank algorithm on a graph.

InfluenceCommunautes : Computes and orders the most influential nodes in detected communities after applying the PageRank.

Tests : a series of tests for the scripts.

VisualisationCD : used to visualise community detection with colored communities.

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