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Java Factory Provider

An implementation of the factory provider pattern, allowing users to consume objects based on interfaces rather than implementation.

This project serves as an example of how to:

  • Inheritance
  • Reflection
  • Logging based on levels
  • Consume objects in other projects without needing direct references

Tools and Technologies

This project assumes that you are using:

  • IntelliJ community
  • Java 8
  • Maven

Running the Code

There are four separate projects:

  • FactoryProvider.Core
    • Contains base factory provider code, as well as a basic logging service
  • FactoryProvider.SampleLog
    • Trivial override of the basic logging service in the .Core project
  • FactoryProvider.Module
    • Provides a factory provider module that will be registered in the example project, that tells the FactoryProvider to use the "SampleLog" logger instead of the default one
  • FactoryProvider.Example
    • Provides a basic console application that demonstrates the two different loggers

Sample Project

There's an "Example Project" configuration that can be ran/debugged within IntelliJ, and will display the following output:

  • INFO : This is a test message.
  • FOO! INFO : <--- this should have FOO prepended.

Screenshot of sample output


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